Halloween Decorations 2012

Here are some all brand new ideas for this upcoming Halloween Season!

hanging gourd

Hanging Gourd
Don’t worry if you’re not the best carver: Even a botched jack-o’-lantern will look special dangling from a tree. Cut holes on opposite sides of a pumpkin, about 2 inches below the rim, then run a piece of thick string through the holes and tie the ends. Place a glow stick inside, top with the pumpkin lid and hang from a branch, away from walkways.

hanging gourd

What to do with your family’s multiple jack-o’-lanterns? It’s so expected to cluster them by the door. Stack them up instead: Dig a 6-inchdeep hole in the ground, insert a broomstick (or sturdy branch) and fill with dirt. Carve holes slightly wider than the broomstick into the tops and bottoms of your jack-o’-lanterns. Carefully thread each pumpkin onto the broomstick, piling them and placing a glow stick in each one.


Pumpkin Designs

According to Rachel Ray’s magazine, Halloween can also be fashionable.

Eye Spy

Eye Spy

Paint pumpkins entirely in black matte paint, let dry. Draw large eyes on the face of the pumpkin, then paint the eyeballs in one coat of white paint followed by a coat of glow-in-the-dark paint. Use black paint for the irises. Group your pumpkins together outside and watch them glow at night! (Keep them hidden in the bushes for extra spook factor!)


Black Widows

Black Widows

Paint pumpkins black; let dry. Apply black pipe cleaners to each side, bending them to form legs. Glue googly eyes to the front.

Sweet Skulls

Sweet Skulls

Use a white pumpkin or paint the pumpkin white, let dry. Carve out large eyes, a heart-shaped nose and “hollowed” cheeks. Use E6000 craft glue (available at craft stores) to apply candy: use M&Ms and candy corn around the eyes, red licorice ropes as outlines, and square white gum for teeth.



Add temporary tattoos, chains, spiked necklaces and felt Mohawks to a pumpkin. Draw on faces with black marker.


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