Halloween Decorations


NESTLE’s Halloween Night Light Luminaries

Create these exciting and  enchanting Halloween-themed luminarias from your empty bottles of Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water. These fun crafts are a great way to re-use your bottles before recycling and let you delight trick-or-treaters with décor that gives a ghoulish glow! Download the kit below for luminaria templates and step-by-step instructions from Nestle’s Pure Life Bottled Water web site.


Tomato Cage Ghosts

Take those out-of-use tomato cages, since they are a restless bunch, and convert them so they can haunt your front porch as a glowing ghost.  To make one, set the cage upside down (as shown below).  Add marker or pinned-on craft foam facial features to an old white twin sheet, then drape it over the structure.  Then merely add a string of Christmas lights or any non-flame producing light inside the cage to give it that glowing effect.  Since the sheet is white, you can add colored light bulbs to a small lamp and place that inside to watch the eerie effects.


Use suction cups to help these spiders lurk overhead.  Form the spider’s legs from four equal length chenille bump pipe cleaner and wrap around a small suction cup as shown below.  Use glue dots to affix a pom-pom body on top of the knob and red artificial gemstones or googly eyes for effect.  Hang them on your front porch screen door or anywhere you like.  You could also wrap string around the suction cup holder and dangle them from your porch.

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