Travel Games

Family Travel Bingo Game

This bingo card is a start, but you need to make one up for each member of the family, or each player.  To play, as the item is found, the player calls it off and crosses off the square containing any of the items seen while on the road trip.  The first player to cross out five squares in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, shouts out “BINGO” to win!   Think of the many things you could see on a trip and using an excel spreadsheet, or simple piece of paper, plot in the items that could be seen on a road trip – make it easy as you like or as difficult as you like. 

 Create your own categories 



Players take turns challenging the rest of the participants in the car to name ten things in any category – for example, cookie varieties, animated movies, dog breeds, automobiles, and so forth.  Give each person two minutes to complete the list and the turn passes on to someone else – for a twist in the game, the person who completes ten picks the next category. 


Each player chooses a color from cars that pass by within one minute.  Everyone then tries to spot 25 vehicles of their chosen color.  When a car is spotted, the player calls it out so that everyone can verify it and then adds to their count.  the player with the highest tally wins after a set time limit.  To make it more interesting, offer a prize for the one who wins – for example, gets to choose a favorite dessert or snack first. 


One player thinks of a person related to the family.  The others take turns asking simple yes or no questions to help them guess the person’s name.   Is the person an adult?  Is this person a male or female?  Does this person have red hair?  The player who guesses correctly gets to think of the next person.


An adult makes a list for each player to watch for what other people in cars could be doing.  These activities could be sleeping in car, wearing a blue hat, eating an ice-cream cone, have their feet propped up on the dashboard, someone smoking a cigar, etc.  The first player to see everything on their list wins. 


This is a night driving game, players find lights in order of the color of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Players call out the colors when they spot them, the first to finish the list wins.  A car with one headlight is a wild card, good for any color for the player who spots it first.  You could also add a twist by including the colors brown or pink.  During the day, look for colors on billboards or road signs.


One player thinks of something the family will see or do at the vacation destination.  The other players ask yes or no questions to help them guess the item or activity.  Is it something we are going to eat?  Is this something we are going to ride?  Is this something we are going to do?   The first player to guess correctly wins, and may now choose the next item.  You allow each player only five questions to guess the activity and then the turn passes to the next player.

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