Summer Night Time Games


Capture the Moon

In this twist on flashlight tag, players imagine that their backyard is the night sky and a soccer ball is the full moon. The mission: be the first person to get to the moon. Save this game for after the sun goes down — the darker, the better.

You will need:
4 or more players
Soccer ball

  • In an open area, one player, the Astronaut, stands with a flashlight near the soccer ball moon.
  • He yells, “Blast off!” then closes his eyes and starts to count while the others run and hide.
  • When he reaches 29 — the number of days in a lunar cycle — the Astronaut calls out, “Full moon.”
  • Players then try to grab the ball without being caught in the flashlight’s beam.
  • To make things more interesting, have the Astronaut turn off the light between tags to sneak up on players.
  • When a player is caught in the light, he’s out. The first person to pick up the ball or the last player left to be tagged is the new Astronaut.


Flashlight Game: Firefly

What You Need:
  • 3 or more players
  • A flashlight
  1. Once it’s dark, give a chosen player (the firefly) a flashlight and have her head away from the group with the light off, silently counting to 60 as she goes.
  2. When the firefly reaches 60, she must flash the light once.
  3. The rest of the players then count to 100 before setting out in pursuit of the firefly, who tries to avoid capture by hiding and changing directions.
  4. But here’s the catch: she must continuously count to 60, flashing the light each time she reaches the end of her count.
  5. The first person to tag the firefly takes her place for the next round.
Have the firefly alternate flashing the light with chirping. To find her, the other players will have to listen as well as watch. 
After the sun goes down, take advantage of the dark — and bring the outdoorsy, adventurous fun of summer camp home for a night — with a game in which silence is key.

What You Need:
  • Sticks
  • Blindfold
  1. One player (the guard) sits on the ground, blindfolded, with several sticks — one for each of the other players — placed in front of her. The other players (the sneakers) sit about 10 feet away.
  2. Once everyone is settled, the sneakers must creep quietly up to the guard and try to grab a stick. If the guard hears a sneaker coming, she points in the direction of the sound; if she points directly at a player, that player is out. The guard can also wave her hands around as the players approach; whoever she touches is out. The game ends when all the sticks have been snagged or all of the sneakers are out

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