Make Your Own Lawn Darts

Instead of using store-bought lawn darts with dangerous metal tips that are often sharp, create your own child safe lawn darts with sand-filled plastic bags.

On Target - Step 5

The game is played like horse-shoes.  Place the rope targets on the ground about 35 feet apart (shorten distance for younger players).  Two teams of one or two players stand next to one target and take turns lobbing their darts toward the other target.  Players throw a dart by holding it by the fringe end and tossing it underhand.

A team gets 3 points for each dart that lands at least halfway  in the circle, 1 point if their dart is nearest to, but outside the target circle.  First team to get 21 points wins.  See directions below to make your own lawn darts:

On Target - Step 1 On Target - Step 2 On Target - Step 3

All you need is 4 plastic shopping bags – duct tape in 2 colors – about 2 cups of sand – 4 cable ties at least 6 inches long – Scissors and 2 five foot lengths of rope ( about 5/8 inch diameter plastic rope is best).

For each of the four darts, lay one shopping bag flat on a table.  Fold one bottom corner up to meet one side of the bag and secure it with a strip of duct tape, folding the tape around the seam as shown above.

Cover the front and back of the triangular section of the bag with additional duct tape.

Fill the taped section with about 1/2 cup of sand.  Gather up the bag, twist it, and secure the twist tightly with a cable tie.  Then Trim the tie’s end.

Trim the bag’s top to about 4 or 5 inches above the cable tie.  Snip the bag’s top into a thick fringe, making sure your cuts stop at least a half inch away from the tie.

For the two targets, form the rope pieces into a circle and join their ends together with duct tape.  Now go play!

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