Children’s Games

Most of these games can be played inside or outside and amuse your children with something different to do.  These are great for birthday parties, family reunions and picnics.

Some Fun Family Tips:

1.  Set up a photo-shoot station with a digital camera and a festive background (a decorative backdrop, cardboard with fabric covered material, etc.).  Take pictures of the guests and send their digital snapshots by email to them.

2.  Tape bubble wrap to the sidewalk or on your porch so that the arriving children can make a joyful noise as they arrive.


Two teams form lines opposite each other and hold hands.  Teams make turns calling out, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let (COLOR) come over!”

Those wearing the color called try to break through the calling team’s chain of hands.  If they break it, they go back to their own team.  Those who cannot break the chain, join the calling team.  Play continues until it is decided that the team with the most players wins!


All players line up side-by-side at one end of the yard, while one person calls out commands.

  • On Green Light – everybody runs forward.
  • On Yellow Light – everybody walks forward.
  • On Red Light – everybody must come to a complete stop.

If someone makes a mistake or moves when they should not, they go back and start all over from the beginning.   the first person to reach the caller wins!



This is a game of balance and coordination for 3 or more players.  Need 1 Beanbag per child.

Pick a leader, than have each player balance a beanbag on his/her head.  When the leader calls out an action – walk, hop, skip, and so forth – every player must move as directed while keeping the beanbag on their head without using their hands.  If a beanbag falls, that player must “freeze” until another person picks it up for them (other players can hold their beanbag on their head with their hands).  If all players are frozen at once, pick a new leader and start again.  Periodically change leaders until everyone gets a turn.


Gather a bag of large and small accessories – jewelry, wigs, scarves, ties, ribbons, watches, mittens, sunglasses, sports equipment, and any other item you can think of – then divide the group into two teams.  The first team chooses two or three players to don as many accessories as they can in 30 seconds in front of the whole group.  The dressed-up players then immediately go into another room to trade some of their items.  When they return, the other team has 2 minutes to identify the switches, earning a point for each correct guess.  When the time is up, the other team can earn points for any switches they catch that the first team missed.  Then the next team does the same, and the team with the most points overall wins.


In this game, the dance floor gets smaller and smaller until only one team is left.  Select a playlist of fast-paced songs, then choose one player to be the deejay.  Divide the rest of the players into teams of two and give each team a full sheet of newspaper.  While the deejay spins the tunes, the players must dance only on the paper.  If a player touches the floor outside the paper, that team sits down.

Each time the deejay stops the music, the remaining players must divide their newspaper in half, then boogie down again on the smaller dance floor.  The game continues until only one team is left standing (dancing).

A variation could be to give each player a newspaper to stand on.  Up the challenge by having the deejay call out specific dance moves such as jumping in the air, dancing on one foot, doing the twist or any other creative move during each round.


Choose one player to be the caller.  At “go” the whole group mills around about the play area until the caller yells out “Tacos” or “Bridges.”  All players, including the caller, must then scramble to get into a three-person taco or bridge formation.  Whichever person is not in a trio becomes the new caller.

TACO – Two players hold hands to be the taco shell, and the third person stands in between the two players as the taco filling.

BRIDGE – Two players hold hands to make an arch for the bridge, and a third person crouches underneath them as the water.

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