Water Color Planters

Water Color Planters

Water Color Planters

This one comes from Woman’s Day Magazine


  • Terracotta pot (clay pot)
  • Sponge Paintbrush
  • Waterborne Bonding Primer
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Plastic bucket or tub
  • Nail Polish
  • Wood Skewer


  1.  On a protected work surface (tarp or newspapers down first), brush a coat of primer onto the exterior of the planter pots and the inner rim.  Once dry, apply two or more coats, letting the pots dry completely between coats.
  2. Fill a bucket with enough room-temperature water to fully immerse the clay pot.  Drizzle about 1/4 of a bottle of nail polish over the water to create a film on the surface (if you want to get really creative choose two or more colors).  Immediately use a skewer to swirl the polish before it gets too sticky, then dip the clay pot into the water bucket at an angle and rotate it, allowing the nail polish to adhere to the surface.
  3. Remove the pot out of the bucket and let the water drip off.  Then, place the pot upside down on your work surface to dry.  Once dry, flip it over and fill with soil or dirt, and a leafy or flowering houseplant.
  4. You now have a decorative planter.


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