Valentine Card Holder – The Love Boat


Create a Valentine’s Day Adventure for your child with a ship-shape mailbox made from a half-gallon carton.

Start with a clean carton, cut off the plastic spout or tape the cardboard spout shut.   For the bow, cut a 3 3/4 by 10 inch strip from a cereal box, fold it in half, and tape it in place as shown below.

Use tape and a glue stick to cover the carton with paper.  (For a smooth look, tape paper over the top and bottom of the ship before covering the sides).

Cut a mail slot in the ship’s top.  Use a glue stick to add circles, hearts, and stripes to the sides for decoration.  For smokestacks, roll three 2 1/2 by 5 inch pieces of black paper into cylinders and apply glue to the overflap – OR – cut toilet paper rolls to that dimension and cover those with black paper (easier to glue in place).  Add thin paper stripes, then glue the stacks to the deck.

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