Make a Water Bottle Bear Holder

Girl Holding Bottle Bear

Give sweating summer water bottles a dry coat with this cute cozy, water bottle bear.

First slip an adult-size sock with a colored heel onto a water bottle to make sure it fits. To form the muzzle, turn the sock inside out and stuff the heel with five or six cotton balls. Use a needle and thread to sew the heel as shown, leaving a half-inch gap.

sewing sock heel

Turn the sock right side out. With black embroidery floss, sew a stitch from the center of the muzzle to its lower edge.

Pull the thread tight. Sew a button nose to the top of the muzzle. Slide the bottle into the sock and fold under any excess. To make the ears, pinch the sides of the sock and safety-pin them in place (leave enough slack so that the sock slides off easily). Sew a few stitches where each ear meets the bottle, then remove the pins. Take the bottle out of the sock, then sew on button eyes.

sewing bottle bear muzzle

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