Indoor Fun

Paper Puppets


Paper Puppets

To make these simple puppets, all you need is a sheet of colored paper, tape, and a marker.  Children will have fun creating their own unique puppets.  You can even dress up with additional cut-paper features such as eyes, ears, a tongue, and so on.

Fold a letter-size sheet of colored paper in thirds as in (A) below.  Tape the seam closed (B), and then fold the paper in half.  Fold the ends in half again, but in the opposite direction so that the paper ends up like an accordion fold into four equal sections (C).

Simply create a face with markers and colored paper pieces attached with tacky glue.  Slip your thumb and fingers into the two ends of the folded paper to bring your puppet to life.

Folding directions




Melon Manor

Create a cute play house for your children with the rind of a watermelon – more than just fruit, a melon can become a palatial home for toy figures or visiting fairies.

Start by slicing off one end of a round melon and setting it aside.  Cut the insides into pieces, remove them and scoop out any remaining chunks with a long-handled spoon or ice cream scoop (see our recipes for some ideas on what to do with the watermelon).

Carve windows and a door with a small knife, or if you really want to get fancy, break out your pumpkin carving tools.  Use toothpicks as needed to join bits and pieces into shrubs and to secure the roof (made from the sliced off end).  to illuminate your stately mansion at night, place a battery operated tea light inside to give it that lived in look (see below).

Melon Manor by Night



CD Spinners

Instead of throwing away those old CD’s, or the junk CD’s sent to you in the mail, turn it into an amusing fun toy for your child.

For each top, set a large shooter marble into the hole of the CD, securing it with a generous amount of glue, such as Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate glue, which works well for joining non-porous materials, but you can also use hot glue for quicker results.  Make some colorful designs with felt pens or draw on a blank CD label you can buy at the store.  Your creativity is open.  Flip the CD over and adhere the design with glue or a glue stick.  For the handle, attach a plastic bottle cap to the center of the CD with Ultimate glue or hot glue.  If you use Ultimate glue, let it dry overnight before taking the new CD Spinner top for a spin.

CD Spinners - Step 1CD Spinners - Step 2



Park and Play Garage

Turn two cereal boxes into a toy car parking garage with ramps that allow for speedy exits and entrance.  See pictures below.  Cut the front panel from a large cereal box, keeping the panel intact.  Secure any loose box tabs with tacky glue.  For the entrance and exit, cut 2-inch-wide flaps on both ends as shown.

Park and Play Garage - Step 1

Trim five cardboard tubes (use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls) so that they are about 4 inches tall.  Cover them with tacky glue and roll on a covering of yellow construction paper.  glue the tubes to the corners and center of the front panel you cut off the cereal box.  Run glue along the edges of the tubes, then place the rest of the box on top of the tubes to make the garage’s second level.  Put a large book in the box to hold it in place as the glue dries.

Park and Play Garage - Step 4

Use tacky glue to cover the sides of the second level with gray paper and to add yellow paper parking-space guide lines.

Cut four 2 by 8 inch strips from a second cereal box.  Spread glue on the strips and sandwich each end flap between two of them as shown in the picture below.  Let the glue dry before driving your cars into their new parking garage.


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