Ice Pond Hockey Goal


The Goal Is Fun

Winter can be a challenging time to stay active if you live in a cold climate, but not if the ponds are right for skating. To inspire some heartpumping fun, make a pond hockey goal like this one (or better yet, a pair), modeled after those used at the annual U. S. Pond Hockey championships ( in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No goalie is needed — players score by shooting the puck through the openings in the front of the goal — and the wood sides double as handy backboards for practicing passing. Best of all, a goal can be easily assembled from standard lumber for about $25. Many home improvement stores will even cut the boards to size for a nominal fee.

  • 1 (10-foot-long) 2- by 6-inch board
  • 1 (12-foot-long) 2- by 6-inch board
  • 1 box (3K-inch) coated deck screws (you’ll need about 30)
  • Drill
  • 2 (10-foot) lengths of polypropylene rope (optional)


From the 10′ board – cut a 72″ length, and a 48″ length board.

From the 12′ board – cut a 75″ length, 2 – 24″ lengths, and 2 – 10″ lengths

Assemble the boards to replicate the picture above – pre-drill the holes in the boards on each side for the rope.

Attach the rope straps to each end, threading through and typing a knot.

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