Dinosaur Stomping Feet


Does your child like dinosaurs?  Well, you can create some big, funny dino feet in mere minutes for your home dinosaur.  You can even let your child be in charge of painting on the colorful skin.

You will need two empty Kleenex or tissue boxes with top openings.  Use some duct tape to reduce the size of the opening and to additionally help support and reinforce the ankle area – see the picture below.  Cover the exposed duct tape inside the box with more tape.


Dinosaur Stomp - Step 1

Help your child paint the box with the dinosaur colors they want, set them aside to dry.  Meanwhile, cut six triangular claws from a kitchen sponge (tip:  If you dampen the sponge slightly, it will cut easier for you.)  Let the sponge claws dry, then adhere to the boxes with tacky glue.   Let it all dry overnight, and your family T-Rex can go for a stomp the next day.


Dinosaur Stomp

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