Children’s Phone Number Bracelet

Mrs. Atkinson’s Daughters
Phone Number Bracelet

We wanted to post this first one on the main page here because we believe this is an excellent idea for parents.  You never know when your child will get lost, hurt or need help and some of the little ones cannot remember their phone number very well, so we offer the following:

Submitted to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine from Susan Atkinson of Northville, Michigan

The Phone Number Bracelet

Mrs. Susan Atkinson stated:

“I often worry about becoming separated from my daughters in public, so i helped them make an elastic safety bracelet.  On each, beads spell out my cell phone number.  Should one of the girls ever get lost, she knows to ask a police officer or store clerk to call the number on the bracelet.”

Excellent idea Mrs. Atkinson, and I suggest other parents consider doing the same – these days, one cannot be too careful.  Great tip!  If you have some suggestions such as this, please send these in and we will publish these here for everyone to share.

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