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Welcome to the Family Fun Web Page!!

Brought to you by Cruise & Vacation Travel – Frank & Melody Armstrong, Family Travel Design Specialists.

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Each week we are going to add some new family fun items to include recipes, arts and crafts, fun games to play while traveling, and other items all devoted to Family Fun & Safety.  We hope that you will subscribe to our Family Fun Web Page and that you will even submit your favorite recipes and ideas designed for Family Fun.

Share your family pictures, travel photos, and all your ideas that you do to make life wonderful for the family.  Do you do something special for your children that no one else you know does?  Tell us about it, we’d love to hear and share with everyone.

Please note – some of the material on this web site came from Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.   The idea is not to plagiarise but rather to share with all families everywhere.

This web blog is NOT a vehicle for our advertisements, however, forgive us, we are going to plug our service just this once.  All other pages are devoted to strictly family fun!  Thank you for coming to our site.


Hello Folks, please note that we have lots of great food recipes, varieties of all kinds at our “Cook Something New”  Blog here on wordpress.com

We will no longer be placing any new recipes on this blog as we don’t want to duplicate recipes on two blog sites.  Please visit us at http://excitingrecipes.wordpress.com – You will find holiday treat, dishes of all varieties, desserts, drinks, side dishes and so forth.  Hope you will visit our exclusive cooking blog.

Why Use A Travel Agent?

The common reason many folks don’t call Travel Agents today is they believe they save money by doing it themselves on the web – NOT TRUE!  You pay a commission to Travelocity, Hotwire and Expedia within the price they quote you. You don’t pay any commission to Travel Agents, we get paid from the suppliers we book you with, AND we are often able to get you BETTER DEALS because of the special arrangements we have with travel consolidators.

Most Important reason is that you get PERSONAL SERVICE – SOMEONE TO TALK TO!  We can tailor your vacation, your trip, your special event, your group booking – ALL TO YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS!  We listen to you and help make your travel dreams a reality.
The most important point is WE ARE HERE FOR YOU if you have a problem!  If you are on your trip and need help, we are there for you 24/7.  We don’t tell you to call us back between Mon-Fri during office hours.  We help you arrange side strips, tours, and points of interest you didn’t know existed.  Having a Family Reunion? We can arrange a memorable Vacation Resort or Cruise package personally tailored to your interests. Let us help turn your vacation dreams into memorable vacation experiences!

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